Comparing The Buyer Behavior And Decision Making Process

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PS and Public Relations Personal Selling gives support to Public Relations in terms of skilled sales representatives. They complement each other in terms of cadres and their skills and abilities. Both variants of marketing will need to hire high motivated salespeople with good attitude, exceptional presentational skills and trusted by costumer groups as they are usually associated as the face of the company.
Table1- How Personal Selling supports Promotional Mix Source: (Student`s Creation, Mont Rose College, London, 2016)
1.2 Comparing the buyer behavior and decision making process Fig.5: Consumer Buying Process
Source: (The Six stages of the consumer buying process and how to market to them, 2015)
Both models of buyer behaviour – Customer and Business are considered differently because the different actions stages involved in them. As we could see on the figure five above they are Six Consumer Buyer Behaviour Stages:
1 Problem recognition: In most cases is influenced from findings that desired and expected qualities does not match with real ones (Aaker, 2012).
2 Information search: It could provide solutions to the problems found in first stage, because that`s the time when clients collects and examine information on different variations among which can make choices before making a purchase. The product corresponds most closely to their satisfaction needs and…
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