Comparing The Characters In Ray Bradbury's The Paterson Public Library

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In Ray Bradbury’s fictional novel about the horrifying future, he discusses topics that, politically and socially, can relate to Judith Ortiz Cofer’s short story; The Paterson Public Library. These two pertain to each other because both Bradbury’s and Cofer’s characters are afraid of situations that involve books. Though they do compare in many ways, there are also differences between the stories.

Cofer says that every trip to the library would be a dangerous one because of the black girl Lorraine. “It took me through enemy territory,” says Cofer. Bradbury’s character Montag was afraid of being seen with books because they were illegal and he was afraid that he would be burned for having them. In a similar manner, Cofer was afraid of being in a situation on her way to get her books. She was afraid that the older bully would hurt her.

Montag is more hostile when he takes action in Bradbury's novel. Cofer does not take action, she is a tutor for her bully and she cannot get through to the bully. Bradbury's bully, it turns out, is one of Montag’s friends. Beatty is a friend of Montag in the beginning of Bradbury's novel, later in the story, though;
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Cofer preserves her intelligence and gains intelligence through the use of books. This could show students that books are a great way to acquire knowledge instead of just school. Bradbury hints at the way we used books in our society and abuse them today. We do not appreciate the way that they are mistreated and basically left to rot in the unused libraries. Since we treat books very wrong and don’t use them to gain knowledge and explore the depths of our imagination, Clarisse asks a very simple, yet deep question; “Are you
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