Comparing The Charge of The Light Brigade, War and A Wife in London.

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Comparing The Charge of The Light Brigade, War and A Wife in London.

Select three poems from the selection, which are concerned with different aspects of war. Write about and compare the poems in respect of the following:

¨ The views of war that the poets are expressing

¨ The tones and atmospheres of the poems

¨ The ways in which language and rhythm are used to reinforce the poets’ themes and viewpoints

¨ Any other factors considered important.

The three poems that I have chosen are: “The Charge of The Light
Brigade”, “War” and “A Wife in London”. I chose each of them for different reasons, but mainly because they each look at very different aspects of the war and the poets all have completely different
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Sitting in her town house she’s waiting nervously and there’s an ironic twist of fate, in that she receives a telegram informing her of her husbands death the day before she receives a letter from him
“full of his hoped return”. “The Charge of The Light Brigade” however has no twist of fate, no regret or remorse for the wives and children left behind or for the lives lost in vain. The poet simply asks “When can their glory fade? / Honour the charge they made! / Honour the
Light Brigade” It has a tone of triumph running through it, even though few survived, they would be respected and remembered eternally, for the “wild charge they made”. “War”, on the other hand, is an atmospheric poem, Wallace describing the sounds as well as the sights.
He concentrates on horrible events – but those “behind the lines”. He seems to suggest the horrible effects of battle, rather than telling the reader exactly what happened; unlike “The Charge of The Light
Brigade” which seems to set out all the facts, the how and the why, and say how heroic and brave everyone was. These are both different to
“A Wife in London”, where you get no action, fighting or triumph, just loneliness, anxiety and a feeling of irony, why did she get news of his death before his letter? In the first verse, Hardy creates an atmosphere of desolation and sadness, accompanied by a sombre mood.
You get the feeling that she has nobody to talk to, that she only knew her husband and nobody else. These
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