Comparing The City And Urban Life That Comes Out Of Wong Kar Wai 's Movies

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Aspects of Film Making in Wong Kar-wai’s Movies There are a clear comparison and contrast of “the city” and urban life that comes out of Wong Kar-wai’s films. In these movies, various places such as Hong Kong and New York have been used as cities, big ones, and urban centers at times. The presentation of these two settings differs from one movie to another. Whereas at one point they are taken as a character in the movie, the other point they are taken as setting and plot. For instance, in Chungking Express, Hong Kong comes out as an urban space that is densely populated with people from different areas filling the city. In this movie which appears to be having Hong Kong as the setting, it shows how walking through it brings a comparison…show more content…
In all the three mention, Hong Kong can be said to take different roles such as a character, setting, and plot. Hong Kong has also been the place where a majority of the movies have been shot, recorded and watched in theaters. Wong’s resident and being based in Hong Kong has also contributed greatly for the movies to have the city as part of them in several aspects and roles. In the movie, As Tears go by, Hong Kong comes out as a character and as the setting on which events take place (Brunette and Kar-wai). Further explanation is given in the Wong Kar-wai’s contemporary Film Directors as Hong Kong itself being a place where people used to go to cinemas. Films have also been branded as Hong Kong films and there are also film awards branded the city’s name; a clear indication of the role the city plays in the movies. Wong decides to have the movie The Hand in a time when Hong Kong faced the SARS outbreak (Wong). This gave Hong Kong city a place in the movie as a character in itself and an appropriate setting the movie was acted. It brings out the city as a place which was in the recent past. In Chungking Express, the Hong Kong City also plays the role of it being a setting for which events evolve. It is portrayed as a big city with urban life in different aspects as far as city and urban life is concerned. In the movies, transportation plays a major role as the events occur. This is majorly seen in the movies which the setting is more specifically

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