Comparing “The Daffodils” and “Miracle on St. David's Day” Essays

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“The Daffodils” by William Wordsworth is a very well known poem which was written in 1803. It is written with a traditional style and has a flowing rhyme scheme which makes the poem flow well with a nice rhythm when red aloud. The writer describes in first person narrative the beauty and joy of nature as he is wandering beside a shoreline in the lake district. “Miracle on St David's Day” by Gillian Clarke is inspired by “The Daffodils” and was written around 1980, it contrasts the “The Daffodils” in style because it is deliberately made to flow unsteadily and confuse the reader which reflects the nature of the mental patients Gillian Clarke is describing. Gillian Clarke does this by the use of enjambment which means that a new stanza…show more content…
Then in the third stanza he describes the powerful attraction he has to them and explains how his mind is fixated on them and how he has a feeling of unity with the daffodils, he also says how the daffodils are significant to his life as it has brought him a valuable experience which he will hold onto for the rest of his life. Finally in the last stanza Wordsworth describes how he ponders about the daffodils whenever he is in a meditative and thoughtful mood. At the start of the poem the poet creates vivid images of nature an describes his pensive but light hearted mood as he travels to a natural and beautiful place, then the poem picks up pace and he starts to get emotional about how the daffodils inspire him, towards the end the poets mood is very contemplative and he shows how striking the daffodils were for him. The message conveyed how nature gives him true inner happiness . William Wordsworth uses meaningful, metaphorical phrases which gives the poem a lot of detail and helps us understand the overall message of the poem and the feelings of the poet. “I wander'd lonely as a cloud” is written in fist person narrative which makes us understand the feelings of William Wordsworth much more than any other point of view. It is written this way because the poet it trying to share an experience that he had and it

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