Comparing The Depressed Self In Man's Search For Meaning '

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Materialism is defined in philosophy as the view that all facts are causally dependent upon physical processes, or event reducible to them. As described in the latest readings by Viktor Frankl and Walker Percy, we come to understand that humans are not merely a body. Humans are rational beings, with intellect and will, making a body with a rational soul. Viktor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning,” explains how rational powers transcend our bodies in a positive way through his accounts in a concentration camp. Walker Percy’s book “Lost in the Cosmos,” explains one the ways in which our rational powers have a degree of independence outside of our bodies through depression. Viktor Frankl explains that life in a concentration camp has the ability to rob your body, but you are still free to think the way you want. Prisoners have the ability to exercise spiritual freedoms, control their attitudes, and still maintain a free mind.…show more content…
One of the main points described in The Depressed Self is the paradox about a person dealing with suicide. To help the initial reaction of someone that is suicidal is to make them contemplate taking their own life. After they understand that people move on, and continue with their normal lives, the realization that taking their own life doesn’t have much meaning. Only after seriously contemplating death themselves do they release the hold of suicide and depression. “The ex-suicide opens his front door, sits down on the steps, and laughs. Since he has the option of being dead, he has nothing to lose by being alive. It is good to be alive. He goes to work because he doesnt have to.” Depression shows the connection between more than a body, but a rational soul that has to weigh options even at times as important as suicide. Experiencing this process reflects on the intellect as well as the will to live, not only a body in
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