Comparing The Downloader And The Browser

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In our project we want to set a bridge between the downloader and the browser, by writing a web-based interface, the request can automatically transferred into the utility and file can be downloaded with fast speed and breakpoint resume.
Nowadays, when using downloading software to download files, the first thing is to download an installer for setting up the software. Then it 's time to create a new account. After finishing the step of account creation, the fast speed can be achieved. Sometimes downloading a large file, users have to add four more step to complete the downloading operation, copy the link address, minimize the browser, open the software interface and paste onto it. However, the downloader could be powerless if the website has a user requirement. The task can be constructed, but cannot successfully accomplish.
1.0 Propose
What we are going to create is a web-based interface. It is a bridge we will set between the downloader and the browser. In other word, we will combine the browser with the downloader Aira2 [1], a light-weight multi-line and open source downloader.
2.0 Current Systems
2.1 Browser downloading
Most browsers have the function to download files. It is convenient for users to something small. Users are not requested to install any software. However, the downloading speed is always slow and many browsers do not support the function of breakpoint resume. Besides magnetic-links, bit-torrents and some other protocols are not supported in…

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