Comparing The Effectiveness Of Henry Viii And Elizabeth I Of England

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Compare and contrast the effectiveness of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I of England. Answer: When Henry VIII was too young, Richard Foxe helped manage England for him. Henry started an alliance with Charles V of Spain and both nations started a war with France. Henry went against the Catholic Church and made himself the head of the English Church. Elizabeth I was jailed in the tower of London under suspicion of supporting the rebels against her sister Mary. Elizabeth defeated the Spanish Armada, in return making England the new superpower in Europe. Elizabeth rebuilt England 's economy and passed the religious unity act which made England to be the first protestant nation. Both Monarchs fought Rome over religious control in England, they…show more content…
Answer: Absolutism hold the supreme or absolute powers and constitutionalism is the head of state and a hereditary or elected monarch. Absolutism is when the King or Queen rules with absolute and total power. Which basically makes them a dictator. A King or Queen of constitutionalism has limited powers since they rule along with a parliament or a governing body. An absolute monarch is entitled to make all the economic and other state-related decisions for the country whereas in the constitutional monarchy, the parliament is responsible for the economic and foreign affairs. A absolute monarch is not legally bound, a constitutional monarch is legally bound by the constitution of their country. The absolute monarch gains powers either from hereditary or from marriage. The constitutional monarch is either elected directly or indirectly.

4. What was the relationship between baroque art and architecture and absolutism? Answer: Baroque culture grew out of an effort by the Catholic Church in order to attract more followers. Architecture was important because it was used by kings in order to enhance their images to try to appear glorious. The baroque architecture was the dominate style of absolutism, it was a dramatic and emotional style. The royal palace was a favorite architectural expression of absolute power. Peter the Great wanted his form of baroque architecture to be in the form of a city. Therefore a new city was created by peasants.

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