Comparing The Godfather And The Tv Drama On The Flesh

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At first glance there may seem little similarities between the movie The Godfather and the TV drama In The Flesh, However if one looks in more detail at the characters and motivations of the leading characters one can argue that they bare many of the same traits and substance as each other.
These similarities can fall into certain genres such as patriarchal society and culture, gender roles, sexuality and family values for clarity. To support my argument I will deal with each of these similarities in term. To understand the above similarities one must be clear as to their meanings in the context of the pieces
A patriarchal society is a term to refer to the autocratic rule by male members of a family or society. The term A system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it., (2015). patriarchy However in modern days it tends to refer to social systems or cultures where the power is held by an adult male
The first of these similarities observed is that both The God Father and In The Flesh centre on the power and influence within a patriarchal society. ‘A man who doesn 't spend time with his family can never be a real man.’ (Puzo,1969) alike most traditional novels displaying men as strong, as Helen Cixous’s Culture Nature module translates men as active, scheming, selfish and operating on projects or deals, Whilst women are seen to be passive, weak, and a sexual object for desire for the male sex. This is…
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