Comparing The Hound Of The Baskervilles By Arthur Conan Doyle

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“The differences are obvious” as Arthur Conan-Doyle states. (Doyle, 51) As all stories that have been both stories and books, there will he obviously some similarities and some differences between the two versions. The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan-Doyle and the more recent movie in the 2012 TV series “Sherlock”, are two great examples to compare and contrast story lines. It is these two pieces that I will be writing about. Returning to Doyle’s quote, it is obvious while looking for differences. It 's what makes each version stand out. Now, the differences may alter the story slightly, but the similarities bring back the most important details back to the same main idea. As for my opinion on my personal preference, I will be writing about that as well. The differences are what makes it unique from the other version, while the similarities bring it back to the same story. Similarities, differences and my personal opinion will be what this essay is about. To keep the same plot of the two versions of a story there must be some similarities to keep it on the same track. The similarities are the main ideas that are found in both versions of the stories. “Mr. Holmes, they were the footsteps of a gigantic hound!” (Doyle, 30). This quote is found in both the movie and the book. It was this quote that started the case, as Holmes did not believe the mystery was real. This quote was going in both versions and it was that quote that started the investigation of the

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