Comparing The Introduction Of George Eastman And The Origins Of Mass Amateur Photography

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Part One:

Topic: How has the introduction of amateur photography affected the art of photography?

Article: Technology and the Market: George Eastman and the Origins of Mass Amateur Photography

Why is it an academic source: This journal is a peer reviewed journal and was published by The Johns Hopkins University Press and the Society for the History of Technology, therefore it is an academic source.

Why is it useful: Looks at the historical development of photography since it became popular. Also follows the journey of George Eastman (who created the concept of using rolls of film) who was a amateur for three years before he entered the photography business, allows us to have an insight on how he transitioned between these two realms of photography. Also interesting to look at how through Eastman’s invention he has created the public to be apart of photography and make it a mass media product. “Eastman made the key conceptual change in who was to predominate in the practice of photography from the professional to the novice” (Jenkins, 1975). Discusses how Eastman changed the view towards photography through his Kodak invention, and how he created an immediate popularity towards the product. …show more content…

She also discusses the social importance of photography. “In becoming a marker in an elite status, fine art photography has created aesthetic boundaries that separate it from popular forms of symbolic communication.”(Schwartz,

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