Comparing The Kite Runner: A Story Of Betrayal And Redemption

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The Kite Runner, A Story of Betrayal and Redemption The Kite Runner, a book telling a story of betrayal and redemption, is griping work that can make its readers quite emotional and thrilled. In this book, Amir and Hassan, two boys who are close friends to other, both are interested in kite flying. They live in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. All they want is to win the kite-fighting tournament, by which Amir will win his father's love. However, war begins in Afghanistan. Life becomes extremely dangerous in there. In this war, Amir is forced to betray his best friend Hassan, which will bother him in the rest of his life. Amir’s father takes him to fly to the United States. The book introduced me to a world that beyond my imagination of
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