Comparing The Logger Pro Software And Lab Pro Interface

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Objective: The objective of the lab is to become familiar with the Logger Pro software and Lab Pro interface in order to collect data. This lab will teach how to average constant data and find the standard deviation, as well as how to use the Statistics and Linear Fit tools. It will also introduce using Excel to create tables and graphs. Theory: A thermometer, a device used to measure temperature, was used in this lab to collect data. The thermometer works by reaching thermal equilibrium with the object that is being measured. Heat transfers from the object with a higher temperature to the object with a lower temperature, which causes the temperature reading on the thermometer to change. This can be described by Newton’s Law of Heating and Cooling, which states that the rate of an object’s temperature change is proportional to the difference between the object’s temperature and the temperature of its environment. This predication can be seen in the equation: ΔT/Δt= -k (T- T0) (Equation 1) ΔT/Δt is the change is temperature over the change in time, and T0 is the temperature of the object. The temperature will continue to change until a thermal equilibrium is reached. In this lab, the temperature of the air (T0=Tair) and the temperature of a hand (T0=Thand) will be measured. Procedure: A digital thermometer is connected to the Lab Pro interface, which allows the Logger Pro software to collect data and show the readings on a graph on the computer. Room temperature is

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