Comparing The Matrix With Readings From Plato And Descartes

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Comparing and contrasting The Matrix with readings from Plato and Descartes This essay will discuss The Matrix, from synopsis of the following; The Republic by Plato, depicting the famous cave allegory, and Meditations on First Philosophy by Descartes, offering doubt that some senses are accurate. By examining these two readings, and the movie, it will allow the author to show some comparisons, and to show how they are also different as this essay indicates the world is very real. The Matrix In The Matrix, Neo realizes his world is in reality a computer generated world, in which people only live simulated lives, evident of being unreal. The movie portrays the world as ersatz, it is a venue that allows people to live a seeming normal life, but in reality they do not. This is very much how prisoners of the Allegory of the Cave reason the shadows they see are real. By believing this, the prisoners of the Allegory of the Cave, and people living in the Matrix, are living an illusion of the mind. An acknowledgement by Descartes is that “to continue this way is impossible, and it is not a realistic way to live” (Descartes, 1641). Neo is quite sad, not accepting the Matrix as reality, and not accepting the Morpheus allegation of being real. The world of Neo is scary, especially when Neo realizes a large portion of the people living in the Matrix will not acknowledge the truth of the Matrix. Some people even wish to remain in this state, knowing doing so will be

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