Comparing The Midsummer's Night Dream And 500 Days Of Summer

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Have you wondered what the true meaning of love is? The meaning of love, between Shakespearean time and now? Or relationships from the past and now? This comparative essay will compare relationships between the play; The Midsummer’s Night Dream, and 500 days of Summer. The comparative essay will compare the relationships between Tom and Summer versus Theseus and Hippolyta, Tom and friends versus Helena and Hermia, Tom and Sister versus Egeus and Hermia. Both relationships have a connection of either what the relationship is based upon, or if the relationships are based on true friendship or love. The following paragraphs will further, compare and contrast relationships between the film and the play.
The relationship from the play is portrayed between Theseus and
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For instance, after Theseus attempts to showcase his hounds; Hippolyta attempts to reply with disapproval: “I was with Hercules and Cadmus… With hounds of Sparta… gallant chiding…Seem’d all one mutual cry…such sweet thunder (4.1, 111-117). In addition to this, in the beginning of the play; Hippolyta does not have excitement for their marriage compared to Theseus. The theme, of love being forced, and the true meaning of love is unclear in this relationship. Is true love formed from a battle, or is love formed once facing off against an enemy? Whereas, the relationship between Tom and Summer, contrasted as well as shared commonalities. Consequently, Tom is always going towards Summer, and attempts to create a relationship purely on love. However, Summer attempts to make the relationship similar to a friendship. In this scenario as well, love seems unclear. To continue onwards, both of these characters are unaware what they’re true relationship is based on, and the true meaning of love seems hazy throughout the film. For instance, Tom praises Summer’s good looks and then points out all the negative aspects about her? Therefore, the story
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