Comparing The Movie Frankenstein And Frankenstein

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The two classic movies Dracula and Frankenstein both have very different stories from one another but the similarities between the two movies is the characteristics of their main characters. The main idea between the two movies is that they are both fascinated with creatures which are Count Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster that are irregular, dangerous, and abnormal from others beings in their movies. Frankenstein’s monster as well as Count Dracula both cause hazard to the other characters in their movies and cause harm to others, but there is a difference between the reasons that they are so dangerous. Frankenstein’s monster wants to be a part of society and stop getting rejected by society based on his appearance, while Dracula caused harm to the other characters in order to rejuvenate himself and to become more dominant.
The similarities between Dracula and Frankenstein is that both of the main characters in these horror films both struggle to conquer the villains that are known as being vicious. In the movie Frankenstein. The antagonist in the movie Victor Frankenstein was very intrigued with the in the creation of life. With this great amount of interest of the science behind creating life, Victor Frankenstein had brought was is well known to be Frankenstein a repulsive creature to life would ironically be the living being that would haunt him for the rest of his life. The reason that Frankenstein had been very dangerous, vicious, ruthless was due to the fact that
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