Comparing The National Council Of Teachers Of Mathematics Standards For Secondary Mathematics Essay

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This paper serves to compare the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards for Secondary Mathematics (NCTM), Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and Virginia’s Standards of Learning (VSOL). The comparison will include similarities and differences among the three documents as well as discuss their strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, a combined set of standards will be developed and presented, encompassing the strengths of the various standards. The first similarity between the three documents would be the structure of the standards. Each document varies in the number of standards, but all are separated through domains of mathematical learning. For example, out of the fourteen NCTM Curriculum Standards for Secondary Mathematics, five standards detail the process of learning mathematics. These standards include Mathematics as Problem Solving, Mathematics as Communication, Mathematics as Reasoning, Mathematical Connections, and Mathematical Structures. Similarly, Common Core State Standards provide the state of Alabama with Mathematical Practice Standards which parallel with similar methods of learning mathematics. Within the Virginia Standards of Learning are embedded similar languages describing mathematical learning. There are several parallel thoughts concerning the mathematical learning process. NCTM Standard 1: Mathematics as Problem Solving outlines the expectations for students to refine their method of problem-solving by investigation and integration of

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