Comparing The National Intelligence Program

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Question #1 – Describe two process differences between the National Intelligence Program (NIP) and the Military Intelligence Program (MIP). Which budget funds the General Defense Intelligence Program (GDIP)? Briefly describe the DNI’s budget “hammer” over the IC.
The intelligence budget is comprised of the NIP and the MIP funding. The NIP is made up of programs that support across agencies or are nondefense related and covers the programs, projects, and activities of the intelligence community oriented towards the strategic needs of decision makers (e.g., National Counterterrorism Program, Consolidated Cryptographic Program, National Geospatial Intelligence Program, INR, etc.). The MIP funds defense intelligence activities and intended to support tactical military operations and priorities (e.g., Air Force, Army Navy, Marine, Special Operations, and other defense related programs). The GDIP is funded by the NIP budget.
Two process differences between the NIP and MIP include:
1.) NIP and MIP funds are managed differently. NIP funds are separated from other budgets and cannot be traded between agencies. However, NIP funds are not fenced within their respective agencies or military services. MIP money can be used for non-intelligence requirements if necessary. A majority of MIP funds reside within non-intelligence DoD entities and must be defended against other programs (weapon systems, technologies, personnel, training, etc). NIP money are safely located within
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