Comparing The Novel ' Lord Of The Flies ' And Heart Of Darkness

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Topic: Comparing behavior of two main characters from two different books
There are both similarities and differences between the protagonists of the Novels 'Lord of the Flies” (Golding) and “Heart of Darkness” (Conrad). In each case we have the supposedly 'civilized ' individual(s) degenerating into savagery. As well, other characters are involved and highly influenced by the protagonist(s). This report discusses these two books and what can be observed from comparing works of essentially different world perspectives – one was published in 1902 and the other in 1954 – and wholly different environments and situations. Just as a simple example, there were no airplanes in the time of Conrad 's protagonist, vs. an airplane crash setting up the whole scenario for Golding 's characters. This report analyses the character Kurtz from ‘Heart of Darkness’ by Joseph Conrad, comparing him to Jack, a character in William Golding’s famed novel ‘Lord of the Flies’. Celebrated contemporary novelist, William Golding (1911-1993), the 1983 Nobel Laureate for Literature, is the author of “Lord of the Flies” (Li and Wu). The book, published in 1954, was a critically successful work up until the 70 's. Ever since its publication, this novel has been a best seller, studied in universities and schools almost everywhere in the world. The book portrays the transformation of a group of English school-boys into savagery, after an airplane crash strands them on an island without any…
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