Comparing The Novel Third Business By Robertson Davies And The Play Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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Comparing the novel Fifth Business by Robertson Davies and the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, it is clear that both main characters place power and personal ambition above all else. Throughout the novel and the play readers are able to experience, what happens to Percy Boyd Staunton and Claudius as they place power and their own personal ambitions above all else. When characters place power and personal ambition above all, they become more distant from loved ones, lose the ones they love the most and end up murdered because they did what was necessary to gain power. In both Hamlet and Fifth Business the two main characters, Boy Staunton and Claudius have placed power and personal ambition above all else, which has resulted in both characters becoming even more distant from their loved ones. In Hamlet, King Claudius, who wanted more power killed his brother to gain the throne of Denmark. Once he was named the new king, he married his brothers widow Gertrude. The minute Claudius new that Hamlet had discovered what truly had happened to his father; Claudius became distant and arranged Hamlets death. With ho! Such bugs and goblins in my life,
That, on the supervise, no leisure bated, No, not to stay the grinding of the axe, My head should be struck off, (5.2, 22-25)
Claudius had arranged for Hamlet to be killed in England, to ensure that not a single person would ever find out that it was himself who killed the late King Hamlet. Throughout the play King…
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