Comparing The Phantom Of The Opera, Wicked, And Hamilton

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"Just as we continue to forget that immigrants are the backbone of the country, we forget that musical theater is a mongrel art form"- was once spoken in the words of Lin-Manuel Miranda, musical mastermind behind the hit broadway show Hamilton. The Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, and Hamilton all prove that the arts are an essential aspect in American culture and history. To start off, The Phantom of the Opera, musically composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, arrived in Broadway in 1988 and preformed on the stage of the Majestic Theatre. The Phantom of the Opera tells a the story of young Christine Daae who takes center stage as leading soprano. The opera's supposed phantom cuts the rope, which connects the stage lights, causing the old lead singer to quit after nearly being killed by falling lights. Christine claims to have had lessons from an angle of music that her late father had promised. Unknown, the angle is the supposed phantom. The phantom is just a man named Erik who…show more content…
The first scene starts right after Elphaba is killed and Glinda is having a flashback of how they became friends. The memory starts at Shiz, a wizard academy, where Glinda and Elphaba become roomates and unikely become friends. Then when Animals start loosing their voices, Elphaba and Glinda go on an adventure to plead for the Wizard to help in this nonsense, only to find that he's behind it all. He threatens to tell everyone Elphaba is behind it but she will not let the animals suffer. She has to deal with the repercussions of standing up for what she believes in, and the shame she gets from being who she really is. The story has a great meaning behind it all. It tells that true friendships can form unexpectedly with unexpected people. The soundtrack includes inspiring songs like Defying Gravity, and Not that Girl. Like Phantom of the Opera, Wicked has received awards for its soundtrack and leading
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