Comparing The Poem From Wild, And The Excerpt From The Woman Warrior Essay

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The excerpt from Wild, and the excerpt from, The Woman Warrior, both portray different characteristics of motherhood. In both texts, mothers are referenced and sometimes major characters in the writing pieces. However, when you read both of these titles, it becomes clear, very quickly, how differently mothers act towards their children, and are portrayed by their children. I chose to write about these two titles, because they were capturing stories, which drew the reader in to their storylines and emotions. When reading both of these titles, it is clear that the loving mother represented in Wild, differs significantly from the mother characters portrayed in The Woman Warrior. This essay will show the differences and similarities, of the mother characters in both stories, as well as compare and contrast the mother’s with specific examples, from both of these pieces. My favorite thing about reading Wild, was how emotional it made me feel. When an author can grab their reader’s attention, and make them feel their emotions, portrayed through the text, it is powerful. This piece brought out emotions because, it was strongly influenced from the author’s mother. It is easy for a reader to know how she must have felt, when they reflect on the love they have for their own parent. During Cheryl Strayed’s story, she expressed numerous times, how much her mother loved her, and her siblings. It was clear that her mom’s love was immeasurable, and she was aware of that. “Do I love you

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