Comparing The Religions Of Hinduism And Buddhism Essay

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Exam II
#2. Compare and contrast the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. What were the essential differences between the two? What hope did they give to the common people of India ?

Both Hinduism and Buddhism are prominent religions in the ancient and modern world. They are arguably two of the most popular polytheistic faiths as well. Most people make the mistake of grouping them as one uniform religion, but this is inaccurate. Buddhism and Hinduism do split some resemblance, but several aspects of these faiths cause them to be contrasting from one another. The pair have been exceedingly significant throughout history, providing hope to the common people of India.
Buddhism and Hinduism both derive from India. The two religions are centered around the concepts of nature and awareness, but they also believe in extended variations of Heaven and Hell. Hinduism and Buddhism believe in karma which is the sum of a person’s actions throughout all their existences, which in turn determines their future. Another similarity between the two faiths is that they practice peace and nonviolence which ties into their compassion for nature. Common practices between Buddhism and Hinduism are meditation and focus on clearing the mind. Desire is the greatest source of misfortune among both religions. The two religions also share a plethora of likenesses that pertain to their beliefs. They believe in reincarnation, paths to enlightenment, and philosophy. They also take part in yoga and
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