Comparing The Rise And Fall Of The Gunpowder Empires

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During the time in between the Middle Ages and today 's age, the once Gunpowder Empires dominated and stretched over three continents; India, Turkey, and Iran. The Gunpowder Empires consisted of The Ottoman Empire of Turkey, The Safavid Empire of Iran and The Mughal Empire of India. Each empire had some similarities as well as differences in certain parts of their evolutions and declines. All three empires were ruled in an well-organized and Islamic government with devoted officials. Their religion was dominant because for each empire it gave structure and played larger roles in their governmental systems. Because of their abilities to expand through their armies, each empire was able to exercise a dominant influence over the lands they conquered. Although they were similar in some aspects, they differed in others. Though each empires’ rise and fall there were some differences that played different roles in each empire’s history. The rise and fall of the Gunpowder Empires can be best described as an “arch” shape due to their rise through expansion and conquering, apex of power and control over vast amounts of people and lands, as well as their later decentralized governments that led to their declines. The Ottoman Empire of Turkey was the most successful and most enduring of the three empires. Their reign began with the first sultan, Osman I, who founded the empire and used Islamic religion to unify and centralized the empire. As the empire grew more stability through,

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