Comparing The Rituals And The Upanishads

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Traditionally, the Vedas, had been misinterpreted and perceived as the records of a life revolving around sacrificial fires, cows, horses and incantations to Nature Gods. By contrast, the Upanishads were regarded as relatable work on metaphysics and philosophy. This gave rise to two schools of philosophy, Vedic concepts as a system of rituals and the Upanishads as a source of wisdom. Often the Upanishads are taken as being part of the Vedas, but Meditation originally arose in the early Upanishadic period as a way of internalizing the fire sacrifice. The Upanishadic concepts of yoga can be considered coming after the Vedic, as Upanishads are philosophical texts that came after the Vedas. While this is true, they differ in that the Upanishadic
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