Comparing The Roles Of Women During Athens And Sparta

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Planning Investigation:
This investigation will answer the question “What were the differences and similarities of the roles of women in Athens and Sparta?” This question is relevant due to the fact that the role of women and how they were treated back then are very different than today and we’ve come a long way since then in terms of women’s rights. It’s also important to see the drastic differences between the roles of women from one Greek city to another. The issues that will be addressed are their treatment and roles within societies and how they differ from the Greek towns Athens and Sparta. The places investigated will include Athens and Sparta. This will be accomplished through an examination of books, websites, and academic journals.
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Source Evaluation:
The origin of this source is an essay, titled “Athenian vs. Spartan Women in Antigone’s Era” that was written by Professor Eric Hibbison at J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College in 2002. It’s a secondary source. Its purpose is to inform people and better educate his students and others through his writing so people would be more informed. A value of this is that it gives the perspective of being a fairly newer text which means it has more new information. It also has a balanced view on who, between Athenian and Spartan women, were treated better or worse. However, there were some limitations too. A lot of the sources were websites with only a handful of book cites, making it rely on other authors and…
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