Comparing The Sheltered English Immersion Lessons Plan Vs. The Siop Lesson Plan

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When one is comparing the Sheltered English Immersion Lesson Plan vs. the SIOP Lesson Plan, it is clear that there are a few variances. I started my comparison between these two templates by reading a sample of a seventh grade English lesson that focused on figurative language such as similes and metaphors. I chose this particular lesson to begin because I am currently a seventh grade Language Arts teacher and one of the primary focuses this year was to further develop the students’ knowledge of literary devices and figurative language. Therefore, I am very familiar with teaching lessons based on figurative language and I especially appreciate how creative the lesson was for the SIOP sample. I am also very familiar with the state’s current frameworks for ELA and enduring understandings, essential questions, and objectives that my department established to support these standards in the curriculum.
Beginning with the format of these two templates, it is quite clear that the SIOP format is essentially more relaxed and broad. This allows for a lot of freedom within the lesson because if students do not understand the information as it is being presented (a.k.a. as my colleagues like to say, “your lesson is bombing”), then you can easily adjust to meet the needs of the students. However, the rigidity of the SEI template appears to leave little room for flexibility without straying too far from the format of the template. While I believe that the SIOP appears to be more flexible

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