Comparing The Silicon Valley And Berlin Startup Scene

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A Comparison of the Silicon Valley and Berlin Startup Scene It’s 12 a.m. in Berlin and the historic cobblestone boulevards seem swathed in a vibrant atmosphere of drug-fuelled restlessness and drunken euphoria. The thick aroma of cigarette smoke and sweat lingers in the balmy summer air as dazed Berliners saunter side by side, their raucous voices drowned out by the steady bass beat of nearby discotheques. For more than a decade Berlin has been synonymous with the idea of a city that never sleeps with its concrete corridors ever shifting to the beat of its own drum. However in the recent years, Berlin’s cultural scene has begun to branch off from this history of debauchery as inhabitants of the city have begun to innovate and modernize in ways radically different from its conventional past. Originally Germany was a nation founded in the economic viability of perfecting and improving the technology and services of their predecessors. For much of their economic history, this policy has proved to be extremely cost effective, as Germany has quickly risen to the top of the European Union with a steady and contained growth rate. However with the mounting rise of globalization, Germany has begun to find itself at an economic crossroads of sorts, as their methods of layered improvement on existing technologies can longer compete with the long-term effectiveness of pure technical innovation abroad. As a result, this has led to birth of a nascent startup culture within the heart

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