Comparing The Similarities Of Epic Heroes And Medieval Heroes

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A hero is a strong, brave character that is always the protagonist in a story and always saves the day when there is danger. Superhero’s today like Superman, Iron-man, Spider-man ect. all share qualities that make them heroic. Whether they have a special ability or they are just strong and brave people. Epic heroes and Medieval heroes are two heroes that have qualities that are different. Medieval heroes are brave, loyal, and gentlemanly while epic heroes are strong, brave, they possess non-human qualities, and can be a little cocky. Every super hero in movies day possess some ability that makes them different from normal people just like epic heroes. Epic heroes seem to be more alike modern-day heroes than the medieval heroes because their traits are very alike. Beowulf is a prime example of this because of his super strength which can be compared to modern-day hero superman.
Epic heroes are brave and strong characters that possess non-human abilities and can also be a little cocky. Take Beowulf as an example, he is a character that is strong and does things that no regular person possesses while also being a little cocky. An example of him being able to do things other humans can do is when he is fighting Grendel. As he is fighting Grendel he ends the battle when he completely rips off his arm. “He twisted in pain, and the bleeding sinews deep in his shoulder, snapped, muscle and bone split and broke, the battle was over Beowulf had been granted new glory” (Source A). This
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