Comparing The Socs And Greasers

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The Socs are the rich kids and the Greasers are the “hoods.” The Socs’ and the Greasers, just like teenagers today, struggled with a lot of problems. Some problems that teenagers struggle with are: their body, their outward appearance (clothing, makeup, etc.), figuring out who they are, their family (parents fight a lot, parents not together, illness, siblings), friends (who they hang out with), social status (i.e. popular not popular) and social media (what people say about your post / how you can improve " the way you look"). Needless to say, teenagers today are under a lot of pressure, they are handling adult issues, and need support and guidance. Sadly, many adults do not understand these issues or know how to respond to these problems.…show more content…
Both of these can have a huge impact on your daily life. By being around a bully too long, you may turn into one. Being selective about friends, and making sure you chose good ones is not easy. Sometimes teenagers think they do but later realize that the person they thought they knew was not the person they now know. Teenagers crave relationships, friendships and otherwise, and similarly they love the attention of social media. Perhaps, a teen girl wants to find out if a boy likes her or simply tries to get more “likes” and posts a slightly inappropriate picture “just this time.” Both of these, you later wish that you might not have done. Teenagers can help adults understand these pressures better. Teens can explain how important social media is to their daily lives; yet, comments on social media may affect who they are or want to be. Other
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