Comparing The Song Of Creation And The Babylonian Creation Myth

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Creation Myth Paper In this creation myth paper, one can will be comparing “The Song of Creation” from the Rig Veda on page 15 in Fiero’s The Humanistic Tradition, Book 1, with “The Babylonian Creation” myth on page 19 to 20 in Fiero’s The Humanistic Tradition, Book 1. “The Song of Creation” from the Rig Veda on page 15 originates from India. Meanwhile “The Babylonian Creation” myth on page 19 to 20 originated from Babylon. The main differences between these two creation myths is that the first creation myth is based on the importance of water as the necessary requirement for the beginning of life. For example, in the Rig Veda, the creation of the world was stated to come from a “watery darkness” (Fiero 15). Meanwhile the second myth is more…show more content…
The primary source narrates about how back then before the universe was created, there was no existence, no death or immortality (Fiero 15). It also raises questions about the creation of the universe such as “What covered it? Where was it? In whose keeping?” (Fiero 15). These shows the uncertainty of how the universe came to be. Meanwhile in “The Babylonian Creation” myth, it narrates or tells the story about not only how the universe was created, but also how the gods entered the world, how the earth came to be, as well as the creation of Babylon and humans (Fiero 19). In the first myth, the universe was created when “That One which came to be enclosed in nothing, arose at last, born of the power of heat” (Fiero 15). In my opinion, one canthink that back in the time, the people who created this myth believed in a geocentric view of the universe where Earth was in the center. And that “that One” came to be the sun which gave light to the world and allowed the prospering of plants and life. Some imagery found in this primary source were “darkness wrapped in darkness”, “only illumined water” “cosmic waters, in depths unfathomed,” (Fiero 15). These forms of imagery depicts or describes what the universe was like before the “that One” arose. The order of creation in this myth seems to be that of “the One” being in the empty universe before anything else and then when “that One” arose, he or she brought heat as well as light in the world which most likely led to the beginning of light in the world leading to life. In this creation myth, one can feel like “the One” is the universe or the creation because according to lines 23, it states “The gods themselves are later than creation” (Fiero 15). So one can feel like the universe created the gods not the other way around. In the text, life began with the arrival
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