Comparing The Spiral Model And The Waterfall Model

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1. Compare and contrast the spiral model and the waterfall model. What are the strengths of each? What are the weaknesses of each? Which is best for large projects and which is best for very small projects? Why is the waterfall model still relevant in software engineering? (Word Count: 300-400 words) In Water fall show the stages are executed under a consecutive stream. each new stage is prepared when finishing the past stage. This is a huge reason that any sudden changes are difficult to suit under waterfall model. Waterfall model is the most established model going to the focal points of waterfall model least arranging overhead for the steps that are to take after .in this model the exercises in every eliminate is conveyed forthright. It is attainable that one does not need to anticipate whole stage .the undertaking does not slip on its calendar. the quantity of assets taking a shot at this undertaking does not continue expanding drawbacks of waterfall model are powerlessness of rolling out improvements in the framework when once the framework prerequisites are solidified. Cannot backtrack to the past stage once when it is finished if the product improvement methodology reaches out for a more drawn out time of time there are risks that the product and equipment alternatives picked for the product may get to be out of date toward the end of the advancement process winding model was acquainted due with deficiency in the waterfall & models in this process the whole

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