Comparing 'The Sun Also Rises' and 'Tender is the Night'

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The Sun Also Rises and Tender is the Night Introduction Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway both feature expatriate characters at loose ends and are an expression of a tragic, rather than a triumphant look at life and the experiences it throws our way. Both Jake Barnes, from Hemingway's novel and Dick Diver from Fitzgerald's have been damaged by life. Each is pursuing happiness but hobbled by self destructive behaviors and choices. In the 1920s many Americans were disillusioned by the massive destruction and carnage of the Great War and were questioning the meaning of life. It was a time of prosperity for many and a time when many of the countries talented young writers had fled to Europe. These books speak of a period that marked the end of the Victorian age and the rejection of what was accepted to be proper decorum. Both novels have characters that drink excessively, are sexually promiscuous, and fail to establish any meaningful relationships through marriage. They are searching for meaning in a world where there may not be any to be found. The Characters Jake Barnes was wounded during the First World War and as a result is rendered impotent. His injury keeps him from being with Brett Ashley, a woman he has loved for a very long time, but is unwilling to commit to Jake because she is unwilling to forsake her sex life. Dick Diver is a psychiatrist who has married a former patient, Nicole. Though ostensibly
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