Comparing The Television Series Mad Men

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Traditional Gender Ideology in the 1960’s Before 1994 gender role attitudes were not seen as egalitarian. In fact, society was nowhere near to accepting the fact that men and women are equal. Traditional ideologies during this time was that men go to work to support the household and women stay home to manage the household by cooking and cleaning. Although these stereotypes were the status quote; the women of the 1960’s were trying to breakdown those stereotypical doors. I chose the television series Mad Men because it gives an inside look on the roles of men and women in the 1960’s and how they were viewed. Mad Men is filled with dominant and hardworking men in the 1960’s but the women on this show are constantly seen as the lesser…show more content…
Yet, there were also many women in the 1960’s who were done with the traditional stereotypes. Although there were women’s movements happening before the 1960’s, like the suffrage movement, the movements became more prominent and demanding for change. Referring to Mad Men, the series used perfect example as to how women were trying to break that “glass ceiling” in the workforce. Even though Peggy Olsen and Joan Holloway were total opposites, they sought out the same dream. Which was to be a part of something bigger than being a secretary to an office full of corporate men. They both fought for equal rights and took a stand on feminism. Like Peggy and Joan, women in the real were doing just as such. Movements were being created like, National Organization for Women. Along, with the movements, there was a shift in the category based expectancy of women and their sex lives. Sex was not being discussed on television, in the home, and sometimes not even between husband and wife. Along with movements came the controversy of sex in the 1960’s. In Mad Men Joan was considered a woman if the night. She struggled with the criticism of reproductive health options. Women of this time were ashamed to even receive birth control because of the backlash from men and even the women. Receiving birth control or considering an abortion was frowned upon. Even though women were given the option to use those resources, it was like they were still not able to

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