Comparing The Three Little Pigs And The Big Bad Wolf

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Now let's just set this straight, there are many different stories about the three little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf or at least that was first story told about that. I don't know who would made up this story about the Three little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf but it was wrong. The real story did include 3 pigs and a Wolf but how it was told was an obscene lie about what had really happened. I am the third little pig and I am going to tell you what had really happened. On one sunny afternoon me and my other two brothers Mike and Pike were heading out into the deep woods, to find some fresh fruits for breakfast. We lived in a small little house in the woods by a big mucky swamp and some dead grass. There is never sun by where we live it's always cloudy and bleak. We live with our friend Jack he a wolf. I know, I know what you're all thinking when you read that he’s a wolf, ahh run for your life, no it's not like that. His name is Jack, and he has been our good friend for some time.
It's been 6 years now and the four of us are still all living
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Wow I had a great night sleep. When I was walking out of my house to get some water from the well. I looked at my mail box and I saw that my red flag was up. I thought that was peculiar because I just moved here and I don't know anyone that could possibly give me mail. So as I went to open my mailbox I saw that I got a letter, it was from Jack. When I opened it, it said, Dear Jim, Please pass this message to the other two pigs. I would have written them a letter but they didn't build a mailbox. Anyway I hope you all are living in wonderful new life. I just want to let you know that I have been thinking for a while and I’ve decided to give you all pay back. I would eat you but since I am a vegetarian and you are considered bacon I can't. I am going to destroy your precious new houses and make every day of your lives worser then the day before. Sincerely, your former friend
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