Comparing The United States And Switzerland

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Trying to compare the United States to Switzerland is quite difficult, especially when there are many differences between the states of America. So the easiest is to compare the general aspects across the board, and for the smaller differences I can only compare it with Texas, since I have lived there my whole life. The first major difference is the food, of course the food is different all across Europe compared to the United States, just because we have different types of food. In America we like to imitate other countries food, trying to bring different cuisines to everyone 's diet. For example; Italian, Greek, Chinese, Asian, and many other different cuisines. Swiss food you rarely see in America, like the fondue, that is something America has put a twist on, trying to imitate that certain dish. Roclette has just now been introduced to America, and it’s one of the bigger hits now, but it is nice to know we have had it in Switzerland from where it is originally from. Another difference in food, is that nothing in Switzerland is processed, no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, and no dyes. Another thing that is different with the foods, is having freshly produced chocolate that is out of this world. It is a disappointment to go back to America and crave chocolate to only have the options of either getting Hershey 's, which will not taste as good or as smooth, or find European chocolate for more than $5. But not all of American food is bad, we are known for
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