Comparing The United States Health Care System With The Federal Republic Of Germany

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COMPARING THE UNITED STATES HEALTH CARE SYSTEM WITH THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY During the past few decades in the United States, health care cost has been skyrocketing, and many people have lost their insurance as result of the high cost. Approximately 45 million American s are uninsured or they don’t have a real health care plan that can cover all their needs. Some Americans have the perception that even with coverage, cost and other problems in the system, the quality of the Healthcare System in the US is better than other countries in the world, something that it is not true. As a matter of fact the United States is one of the richest, industrialized countries in the world where it spends a lot of money in its healthcare system. Spending more money in the Healthcare system does not mean it will be a better system, nor it does not mean it could not improve in some areas. In contrast, the Federal Republic of Germany where its healthcare system is completely different from the United States. On the historical context, when we talk about the German Healthcare system we have to go back to the medieval times where it has its origin. Major reforms and laws were put in place during the 1880’s as a result of the industrialization of the German state. For example, during the “Industrialization and introduction of mandatory health insurance on the national level in 1883, during the Empire Weimar Republic 1883-1933, the National-Socialist period 1933-1945, the post war
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