Comparing The Woodlands And Conroe Home Health: Carpet Cleaning

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The Woodlands and Conroe Home Health: Carpet Cleaning After a Flood No one likes dirty, damp, musty carpet. And that is precisely what happens to carpet after water damages a Conroe or The Woodlands area home. Depending on the type of carpeting, and the padding, it can be very difficult to remove all of the water, leading to the possibility of a mold infestation. It is important to understand the best practices when cleaning up after flood damage. How you go about cleaning your carpet will depend a great deal on the type of water that caused the damage. Below are the best tips and considerations from your locally owned Servpro of The Woodlands and Conroe. Clean Water – or “White” Water. Every once in awhile, a water pipe will burst, or a bathtub will overflow causing water damage. In the event this category of water soaks carpets in your home, cleaning is highly recommended. Prior to the actual cleaning, you will need to extract as much water as possible, and begin the drying process. Using a shop vacuum, go slowly over every inch of the carpet several times until no more water is being released. Use high powered fans, and dehumidifiers to prevent mold in your Houston area home.…show more content…
Grid the affected rooms, and do small portions of the carpet at one time, going over the carpet in opposing directions until the water extracted comes out clean. Allow to dry thoroughly prior to placing furniture on the carpet. Use fans and dehumidifiers as mentioned
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