Comparing The Writing Styles Of Roald Dahl And Edgar Allen Poe

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Many authors have different types of writing styles, some famous authors, Roald Dahl, and Edgar Allen Poe are no exception. With their unique writing styles you are transported into the story along with all of the characters. For many authors, their writing styles are influenced by the authors backstory. Edgar Allen Poe’s early life was laced with tragedy and sadness, whereas Roald Dahl’s life was happier with better memories. Because of this Roald Dahl's stories tend to be more happy and adventurous, although he wrote some horror tales for fun. Edgar Allen Poe used horror and suspense for almost all of his writing. Edgar Allen Poe was raised by his adopted mother and father, as his father abandoned him when he was very young and his mother died when he was three. Because of this people are led to…show more content…
He had a happy writing style, and from the reader's point of view made the sadder parts of the story easier to read. His most famous book is probably Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Which is a story about a poor boy named Charlie, who loves chocolate but is only able to buy one bar a year. He wins a chance to go see the maker of the best chocolate factory in the world, Willy Wonka. At the end of the day Charlie is the only child that hadn’t done anything wrong and so he won the whole chocolate factory! Obviously Roald Dahl had a brilliant imagination and was a very descriptive writer. Edgar Allen Poe and Roald Dahl were terrific writers but also had many differences as well. Poe chose to focus on the more dreary things in life, whereas Dahl focused on happier things. Dahl had more happy endings while Poe had sadder endings that often included: death, people in jail, or loss of sanity. Poe was also from a different time period and so his wording would obviously be different from Dahl’s. Similarly, both men loved to write and they both have an extensive variety of great
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