Comparing Thoreau's Resistance To Civil Government

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Emerson’s “Self- Reliance” was written in a time where America was breaking away from the European norms and European control. America was used to thinking and conforming to the European way, but when we broke away we had learn how to think and do for ourselves. Emerson wrote on this topic of conformity and learning to think for ourselves because, he soon began to see a problem when we conform to society. As we were breaking away from Europe we had to learn multiple new things. Such as how to be hard working, independent, develop our own way of thinking, and how to be a self made man or individual. However, if we soon began to conform to all the standards that the American society puts a huge emphasis on then, we loose our way of thinking…show more content…
However, Thoreau sees the problem with in the government and how we as Americans do not need to be a society that demands so much from its people. “Government show thus how successfully men can be imposed on, even impose on themselves” (Thoreau 965). The government does more than just impose on us. It imposes on our thoughts, our ideas and treats us unjustly. We have a government in order to make sure that the people are equal and treated justly, but that is not what the government is doing. It is putting their own ideas and thoughts into our heads. We do live in a country where we are free to voice how we feel and speak what is on our minds, but the government is telling us other wise. We as Americans should feel like we live in a place where we do not feel like we are constantly being watched for every little thing we say or do. We want to live a in a society where we feel free think our own ideals and not have ones put in our head by the…show more content…
“I ask for, not at once no government, but at once a better government” (Thoreau 965). Thoreau is not asking for us not to have a government or a governmental body, he just asking for one that treats us fairly. We need a government in order to be able to corporate as a whole. Thoreau believed that people should be able to put their own ideas and thoughts into the government in order to be a society and a government that has a “corporation with a conscience” (Thoreau 965). After all the government was created for the people and for the people, the government has lost this ideal. We have become a government that does not think or listen to that little voice inside our head. We have forgotten how to just trust ourselves. If we do not soon learn this idea, then the government will continue to abuse us. It will continue to make us feel like we do not have the right to think for ourselves and we will continue to conform to everything the government tell us. Thoreau tell us that we need to break away from now what is a social norm and get back in touch with nature which is similar to what Emerson tells us about breaking away from
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