Essay on Comparing Three Advertisements for Levi's Jeans

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Levi's brand created an image of youth and freedom in the adverts. The American dream is normally created as a materialistic society in which people desire money and possessions; it is shown as a hot, sunny paradise. In many ways the Levi's adverts are associated with young, unconventional, even rebellious people of whom people are envious or disapproving. In the adverts the men are usually presented as rule breakers whom the women follow. In a reversal of the normal representation men are also presented as the object of sexual desire. The images are created in the Levi's advert with the type of people who are young or old. Youth is created in the Levi's advert by the people around the scene. In …show more content…
The traveler's anxious faces shown in a big close up making him seem scared, because the official might find something which at this point the viewer do not know. The magazine makes the official suspicious in the close of his face. Senior officials march past with a mid-shot of a salute that proposes organization. During a close up the official starts smiling because the boss recognized him. Afterwards, there's another close up of the official while he closes the man's suitcase with sharp movements suggesting case closed. There is a long shot of the traveler alighting from a bus, then a mix to a very long shot of a deserted street with the traveler in the distance. The surroundings of the traveler conclude he lives in a poor place and is problem in the middle of a war because the place looks trashed. Meanwhile there is a mix to medium shot of a car passing with watchful faces through the window thus going back to the airport scenes. In a mix to long shot of the traveler walking towards an apartment building which is old, dirty, and resembles a prison, but its safe because of the many apartments reaching almost two thousand. The traveler being observed through an opening doorway in a long shot runs into he's flat almost as if he is aware his neighbor is watching him. A medium shot of the traveler closing the door of his apartment with relief shows he's happy,
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