Comparing Three Paintings

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Sometimes in life, beauty appears only to those who seek it out. That is because we must learn to recognize that beauty comes in many different forms and sometimes with greatly varying characteristics. Because one thing is beautiful, it does not mean that something different can't be equally so. The 3 paintings discussed in the following paragraphs, are a great example of this concept.
"Large Bathers", is widely considered to be one of his Paul Cezanne's finest, if not his finest, work. Looking at the brilliant color, the depiction of the structure of the figures, the attention to composition and the creation of implied spatial depth, it is not hard to see how Cezanne came to influence a number of prominent artists in his own day, as well as of the next generation. There is a certain monumental permanence and timelessness that one doesn't really find with the impressionist's more casual
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Understanding the similarities and differences between the two works, one can by extension understand how cubism took influence from post-impressionism, as well as what new elements it brought to the table. The setting and mood are very similar, as is the sense of timelessness and the focus on structure and forms. In Picasso's work, however, the form is further broken down into more basic geometric shapes and they are set against a two-dimensional plane, in stark contrast to the spatial depth that Cezanne featured ("Pablo Picasso's Cubism Period", n.d.).
Picasso's work is more monochromatic, as opposed to the brilliant colors of Cezanne's work. In it's time, his work greatly challenged the traditional concept of subdued feminine beauty. It also presents the influence of African art on Picasso. The Girls of Avignon is widely considered to be the finest and most quintessential example of cubism in its heyday ("Pablo Picasso's Cubism Period",
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