Comparing Three Types Of Managers

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2. Katzenbach and Kahn (2010) compare three types of managers in regard to motivation and pride building (p. 79). This is similar to the Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid. What insights from these categories of managers and the Grid can you use to motivate performance in yourself and others?
Katzenbach and Khan believe there are three categories of manager: a good manager, a people person and a pride-builder. A good manager is fair and rational working toward equality and efficiency. They focus on the development of individuals with potential using formal development plans. A people person is typically hands on and explains the reasoning behind their decision. This individual is easy to work with and uses their connections to create development opportunities for their favorites. A pride-builder encourages staff to be actively involved in problem solving and empowers staff to pursue ideas. They strive to get the personal best effort from every team member and are often a role-model for expected behaviors (2010).
A good manager is focused on meeting metrics and mastering the processes often using a standardized approach for all employees. A people person creates a happy and social environment providing perks such as lunch and snacks. A pride-builder realizes different approaches are needed for different individuals and tailors the motivation and pride building to the individual or specific groups. A pride-builder is often called a master motivator as they understand the…
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