Comparing Tiberius Gracchus And Cicero

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Tiberius Gracchus and Cicero were two men who were both concerned with wellness of the citizens of Rome; however, they had different opinions on the best way to achieve political advancements. Throughout the different generations of the two men, the same issues plagued Rome, and throughout their lifetimes the separate factions of the senate became more polarized as they continued to disagree about the fate of Rome. Cicero wrote letters to his friends and family which today offer great primary information about what it was like in Rome during the late republic. In our virtual reality game, Saeculum, I get firsthand insight into the issues that plagued Rome when my clients come to me with the issues of land, food, and water. I am tasked with…show more content…
Cicero was exiled from 58 B.C.E. to 57 B.C.E. because Clodius introduced a law that exiled those who had executed Roman citizens without a trial, knowing that Cicero had executed members of the Catiline Conspiracy without trial four years earlier. As a result of the exile, Cicero became depressed, but in 57 B.C.E. Pompey begged the senate to let him return, and it was passed. Cicero additionally writes about the trial of Clodius, who was on trial because he had dressed as a woman and had gone to the woman’s sacrifice to the Good Goddess at Caesar’s house. Cicero expresses his disdain for the men who gave testimonies for Clodius and said they were a “disreputable crew … senators with a black mark, knights without a penny, treasury officials in the role of treasure hunters.” (34) He also explained how Clodius bribed members of the senate, as far as to offer them nights with woman, in order to get himself out of trouble. Cicero wrote that there were still some jurymen who remained upstanding against Clodius’ bribes; however, Clodius’ trial still showed how the senate and jurymen were corrupt as he was able to get out of trouble without punishment. Furthermore, Cicero writes about the trial of Milo. Clodius had gangs of men that he used to further his political agenda and organize riots and Milo had gangs of men that were countering Clodius’ men. Milo intended to put Clodius on trial for breach of
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