Comparing 'To Build A Fire And Laurence Gonzales Deep Survival'

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Have you ever tried to compare a story to a survival guides? Many people have tried to compare "To Build a Fire" by Jack London to the survival guide Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales. "To Build a Fire" was about a man who went hiking through the Yukon trails with his dog. The man did not think it was really cold. But it was extremely cold to the dog because it was below zero. The man had a goal of making it back to camp by 6pm.the man got delayed cause he had stepped in a puddle and now he would have to build a fire to dry his socks and to warm himself back up. Deep Survival was about the steps a person should take to survive in a dangerous situation. The man in "To Build a Fire" will fail and succeed at basic survival skills from Deep Survival.
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