Comparing 'To Our Renaisia And To My Dearest Lucasia'

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I agree with A. Vivaldi's analysis of Philips criticizing women's roles in society and in marriage through her poems. As the women's roles were quite constricting on the Restoration woman, it is quite natural that Philips would write poems about women turning to each other for comfort and in friendship, such as Philip's "To my Excellent Lucasia, on our Friendship" and "Friendship's Mystery, To my dearest Lucasia". In reading these poems, many critics have argued whether or not these poems from Philips, her pseudonym "Orinda", express a deep, romantic love towards her friend Anne Owen, whose pseudonym was "Lucasia" and whether or not they were actually lovers. However the case may be if they were lovers or just dear friends, Philips shows deep affection for her fellow friend by mimicking the structure and language of love poems and focusing on the feelings of love instead of the body.…show more content…
In "To my Excellent Friendship," Philips, as her character Orinda, says that she has found a soulmate in Lucasia, saying, "but never had Orina found a soul till she found thine; which now inspires, cures and supplies, and guides my darkened
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