Comparing Two Article Analysis

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Everything has a different purpose, even if they are talking about the same thing. Just like with the two articles, "Energy Story" and "Conducting Solutions." Same with the one video clip, "Hands-on Science with Squishy Circuits." These three sources all talk about the same thing, which is electricity. However, just because these three sources talk about the same thing doesn't mean they have the same purpose. First, the difference between the two articles’, "Energy Story" and "Conducting Solutions" purposes. The article, "Energy story," talks about atoms and what atoms are needed to make electricity. That's the articles purpose, to teach you what atoms are needed to make electricity and the atoms. They put everything you need to know about atoms. How they move, how many atoms are needed in one, etc. Now for the second article, "Conducting Solutions," purpose is different. Its purpose is to say what’s a good conductor and what you can mix so it can be a good conductor. They tell you what you can mix like ammonia and vinegar. The other article doesn't really talk much about conductors and which ones…show more content…
The videos’ purpose was to show that things at your house can make electricity. The girl talking shows two pieces of homemade playdough, one with sugar and one with salt. She separates the salt play dough into two pieces and connects one LED one to each one so its connected to both. Then she says and shows that if you put the two pieces of salt playdough back together, the LED will turn off. After that she separates the two pieces again and puts a piece of sugar play dough in between them. However, the LED wires are still connected to the salt playdough. The articles purpose is different. Its purpose is to explain what atoms are made of, what atoms are needed to make electricity, and how atoms get other things like the electrons they
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