Comparing Two Articles On Vegetarianism

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1. How does each writer use the original article differently and why?
The first writer uses the part of the article that basically claims that vegetarianism have a lower risk of alcoholism than the general public, and she used it because she was writing an article about ways to reduce the risk of alcoholism. Writer 2 summarizes the article, but emphasizes the parts of the article that talk about all the benefits of of vegetarianism because he is writing an article to promote vegetarianism. Write 3 summarizes the article, as well, but puts her emphasis on factors other than being a vegetarian that makes them live longer. She does this because the topic of her article is a skeptical look at vegetarianism.
2. If you were the author of the article from the American Council on Science and Health would you think that your article is used fairly and responsibly in each instance?
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Writer 2 is writing an article that is positive toward vegetarianism and he pulled out the positive things that my article said about it, but also put out the not so positive aspects. Writer 2 did not use the part about it may be some nondietary lifestyle items in his article, but I am satisfied that he did not misuse or misquote my article. Writer 3 is on the edge because she says “can mostly be explained by factors other than diet” (361) and I think that is too strong for what my article says. My article says that “the practice of vegetarianism itself probably is the main protective factor” (360) for some of the disease and for other conditions “nondietary factors may be more important than diet” (360). Writer 3 over states what the article says with “can mostly be”
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