Comparing Two Companies Marketing Strategies

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1. Introduction 2 2. Brief discussion of each company 2-3 3. The product or service of each company 3-4 4. The pricing strategy of each company 5 5. The promotional strategy of each company 5-7 6. The distribution strategy of each company 7-8 7. The service of each compan 8-9 8. The more successful or effective company 9-10 9. Conclusions 10
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Marketing Promotions

Apendix 1 Chicken Licken 1.2
Apendix 2 Chicken Licken 1.3
Apendix 3 : Roman’s Pizza……………………………………...............................1.4
Apendix 4 : Roman’s Pizza: 15.

As part of marketing in business, strategy is king. Strategy is the road map followed by business to become successful. Here we look at
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Chicken Licken boldly claim the title of being “Soul Food”, Chicken Licken is the tastiest, and also coolest in town. Chicken Licken offers special recipe that creates its special taste. Chicken Licken pride itself in its business, and every aspect of Chicken Licken is geared to provide its customers with the most satisfying and value for money Chicken in Town. Thus we can say at Chicken Licken they offer good chicken meals for your convenience. This is since Chicken Licken focus on Take-aways and not restaurants. Chicken Licken is convenience for the individual and the family and this is due to their diverse meal options from the kids to the adults. Chicken Licken has some sitting arrangements for customers who might like to eat on the go. Chicken Licken serve their meals as regular, Hot or Halaal.

The pricing strategy of each company “After Mr Nicolakakis operated the store for a year he realised the product the store was selling was ridiculously over priced and therefore the store would continue to suffer financially, unless some changes were made. Instead of changing the prices he decided to rather keep the same prices and give two pizzas for the price of one. This strategy talks to your value chain and processes. For Roman’s Pizza to give two Pizzas for the price of one the company has to streamline its processes. Thus Roman’s Pizza strives to
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