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Two Liberties in Two Concepts

The word freedom has a different meaning to everyone, as it should. However, in the article Two Concepts of Liberty produced by Isaiah Berlin, it identifies that there are two contrasting definitions of this word. Even though most are unfamiliar with these different meanings, we happen to use both of them in our everyday lives. Positive freedom is the absence of rules without any interference. While on the other hand, negative freedom is all about the influence in our lives, and how we choose to self develop. I personally believe that negative freedom is more common today, however, I believe that positive freedom is more important in today’s society.
Berlin’s essay went into detail about both concepts of liberty.
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This is what this concept is all about. Negative freedom is the absence of rules and interference of others. For example, we have the freedom to dress how we want, practice whichever religion we want freely, and choose our own political views. These are all examples of negative freedom, and they are all socially acceptable because there is no harm that is happening to the individual, or the individual's’ peers when these actions are taking place. This type of freedom isn’t just a free for all. There is an exceptional amount of freedom given, however, there is still a limit to it, in order to avoid social chaos. Although both of these concepts are common in our everyday lives, I believe that negative freedom is more heard of and is the concept that is more known. I asked one of my peers what he thought of when he heard the word freedom, and he spoke in terms of being able to say whatever you want, whenever you want, with no penalty against you. Therefor, freedom of speech is what he first thought of when he heard the word freedom. This is an example of negative freedom, because no one can interfere with what you say or how you say
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